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Some stuff has come up, and I am an emotional wreck right now. I am not sure if I can upload today. Sorry everyone.

Aughost day 10, Scattered

I didn't have much time for this one, but it was a lot of fun!

Aughost 9 Well

And I'm all caught up now! I was afraid I'd have to push this back too, but I managed to get it done around all the other things going on today. I hope I get some time to play video games before bed.

Aughost 8 Electric

Playing catch up. The concept for this one was fun!

Magikarp coloring page

A quick coloring page put together for my local PokemonGo Discord group.

I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough time to do a ghost today. I've been really busy. If I don't get to it today, I will try my best to catch up tomorrow.

Aughost 7 Time


I think this is the first picture I've ever drawn that I could smell.

Aughost 6 Ornate

I was really looking forawrd to this prompt, it's been fun using this little ghost everywhere.

I would have liked to have added more to this, but I'm not doing so well today. Considdering that, I think it came out fairly well!

Oops! Aughost Day 3, Confine

I messed up and apparently had all of the prompts shifted forwad. The one that I did yesterday was meant for today, and I skipped day 3 entierly! That's what I get for dawing most of these while I'm still waking up.

Aughost Day 4, Watery

Sadly, I don't have the time to do more work on this today, but I like the concept, and wanted to draw it for this prompt.

Aughost Day 3, Lure

Happy little ghost, fishing away.

Aughost Day 1 and 2 mixed!

I found out about Aughost yesterday, so a little late to start from the beginning. I liked some of the prompts I saw at a glance, so I'm giving it a try! I dunno if I'm going to stick with it the whole way through, because I've got other stuff going on (and continuing medical things), but I think I'm going to commit to trying to do a little, mostly unrefined, picture for it daily, if i can swing it.

Day1 and 2 mixed together: Bright, Wax.


During DnD, I will usually draw something. It helps with my social anxiety, and gives me somethign to focus on when it's not time for my character to do things.

I didn't know what to draw this time around, and nobody gave me any prompts, so I just kinda threw shapes at the page and... uhh... this happened. I dunno where it came from, but I think it followed me home. It's so fuzzy!

Little fighting hat person?

I haven't been posting much due to health problems.

I was recently shown a setting in Windows that, when un checked made my tablems SOOOOO much easier to use! So, here's little celebration picture. Wheee!

God Tamer's day out

Tried somethig a little different again with the background. I think I over simplified it, but last time I overworked it. Gotta find a good balance!

Art Fight Mello

Character owned by

This one was a bit of a struggle, but I wanted to see if I could do it. I really like the design!

Art Fight Gyanene

Gyanene, owned by

This is easier for the most part than I had expected, and a lot more fun.

Art Fight Roni

Character owned by

First try at an art fight. This is fun!

Trying out Art Fight

I don't exactly know what I'm doing, but, uh... Go tea- *checks notes* uhh, Team Sugar!

^ me.

Green Haired Neko

Going back and drawing one of these again was kind of fun! I made the eyes a little different this time, and I like how the shape of the ears came out.

Little caption monster

The other day, I was watching my favourite art streamer, who has an automatic caption thingy. The captions are often very wrong, as it has trouble reconciling what they are saying, so it's sometimes really funny to see it suddenly obsess over things like babies and Florida. This is a source of minor frustration for that streamer, but it's often close enough that they keep it on for accessibility reasons. I, however, imagine something a little different when I see it get something wrong, and made an illustration for them to show how I see things.

Quick doodle

I've been having some issues with loss of circulation in my hands, and a lot of pain that's kept me from drawing, and from using the computer some times. I don't know what's going on, but it's been making it difficult to draw lately.

Today wasn't so bad, so I whipped this up quickly. Trying something a little different. I don't think that I have the feel for it, but I kinda like it!

Error code beaver

Destiny 2 players will understand my pain.

I need to say something.

I don't normally post text, this is primarally an art blog, and I'd like to keep it that way, but it's also basically the only place that I have where I can say something.

I missed my art deadline yesterday (I try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at minimum). The news has just been too much for me to handle. I don't understand why we aren't yet to the point where soiecty universally accepts that people are people. Why does skin color or gender determin whether or not we are treated more or less fairly?

It hurts to watch the news. I empathize too deeply with what I see happening. I want to speak out. I support BLM, I support LGBT rights, but recently, every time I spend much time thinking about either, I am crushed by all the emotions I feel.
Sadness that these problems still exist. Scared for my friends and my family.
Worry that it's going to get worse.
Guilt that I've done too little to help (no job so I can't donate much, and I don't know of any local organizations in my area).

I cried myself horse because it is so bad. I'm having trouble doing basic things now because it hurts so much. I'm constantly on the verge of anxiety attacks and getting stuck in depresion loops. Even when I don't see the news, I'm almost always thinking about it.

I am guilty of not knowing what the Black Lives Matter movement really was until this year. I had seen signs for it, but never anything that could give me more concreete info about what it was. What I'd seen had always been a lot of loud people waving signs and yelling. I used to live in an area where there was a lot of signs and yelling from different groups of all sorts, and they just dissapeared into the background for me along with all the rest.

I know I am ignorant about a lot of stuff, and I am afraid of saying the wrong things, simply because a word has become a slur, and I do not yet know about it, or a movement who's name sounds like something I would agree with is actually made up of people who are actively trying to do harm. Examples are the All Lives Matter group, and the word "thug".

ALM sounds on the face of it like a good thing. Black, LGBT, Asian, Jewish and more fall under the term "All", right? Because of this, I was confused and scared when a streamer who I follow said that they would outright ban anyone vocally supporting that organization in chat. I was afraid to ask why this was a bad thing. I started seeing memes that were anti-ALM, but none of them talked about what was going on. They were just people being angry. Days later, I worked up the courage to ask that same streamer. I was scared. I didn't want to get banned, but I wanted to understand. They kindly explained and thanked me for asking. I wish more people would be like this. Talking about a cause rather than screaming about it leads to understanding and learning.

For the word "thug", I didn't know that was seen as a slur. When I think of a "thug" the image that comes to mind is the 'skinny white guy holding a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it at odd angles' trope, and sometimes the accompanying 'huge dumb white guy who likes punching things' trope. Honestly, nothing else comes to mind. I want to know if there are any other landmines like this that I don't know about, so that I do not accidentally offend someone and not know it.

To top that off, I did not know what Juneteenth was until yesterday.

Heck, I didn't even hear about Stonewall until I was college aged, and I'm LGBTQA+!

Maybe I'm sheltered. Maybe I'm too sensitive. Maybe education about causes like these is lacking.

What ever the case, please, can we just allow people to be people now? Take care of eachother, look out for eachother, and have actual equality?

Black lives matter.
Trans lives matter.
Gay lives matter.

Please everyone, look out for eachother.


Quick sketch made during DnD yesterday.